The Importance of Cabling Organization

An often-overlooked aspect of cabling is the organization. Many see organizing cables as simply an aesthetic decision, but there are actually large technical benefits to ensuring that your cables are organized in an efficient manner.


Less Overhead


Everything is connected. Servers, computers, home security systems, nearly everything has some sort of cable or cables that require proper organization.


For example, if you decide to have an adjustment to your technology, it will be largely beneficial for any tech to know which cable goes to what output.


Disorganization can slow the troubleshooting process down significantly. If that happens, then you may pay the cost with a longer repair time.




Another essential benefit of structuring your cables is that of safety. Oftentimes, wires and cables need to go across long strips of area that the general public may need to walk along.


If that is the case, it’s important to consult professional cablers to ensure that there are not any hazards that could end up costing you or your business.


Customer-Facing Benefits


Lastly, aesthetic benefits can greatly improve the way your customers see your business.


If you were to walk into Walmart with cables hanging from the ceilings and disorganized cables running from the checkouts, you would probably not want to bring your family there. Not just because of safety reasons. But because it appears that the business does not take organization into consideration to offer a pleasant experience.


In conclusion, structured cabling is one of the most important aspects of technology. Yes, it’s important for your machines to work, but it’s also important for them to be safe, and allow at a glance those to reduce the time spent fixing the proper cable and not sorting through a jungle in order to find the issue. Unfortunately, it seems that the latter is typically the case.

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