Our Team Is Our Family

At ETV Software, we pride ourselves on treating each team member as part of the family. We celebrate each birthday with a cake, and make sure to celebrate each other as we share each day on the job together.

Mayela Maynez

As our front desk administrative assistant, Mayela is the first smiling face you’ll see when you walk in the door!

Tana Roberts

Tana is the car lady! As our Fleet & Technician Coordinator, she helps to orchestrate the movements of our field staff.

Eric Adamson

Meet Eric, he is a technician and system specialist here at ETV Software. Eric handles the cabling and computer repair here at ETV Software. 

I enjoy working with my team at ETV because I get to employ a lot of my technology skills. Not only that but I have the chance to interact with a lot of friendly people every day; out on the job, and inside our shop!” – Eric Anderson

Luke Bygum

Luke is our resident Mac guru and one of our most mobile field technicians.

Luke Harasch

One of our newer technicians – he is young but brilliant!

Sean Myrick

Sean is our favorite Cajun! He is one of our PC and field technicians, and the face of ETV for many of our managed clients!

Warren Powell

Warren may be a big guy, but he’s a teddy bear! Warren is one of ETV Software’s cabling and computer technicians.

Richard Seaton

Richard is one of our trained computer technicians – a career Navy veteran and former engineer, Richard is a valuable addition to our team!

John Forbing

John Forbing is ETV’s very own mad scientist! Exceedingly smart and competent, John is our Lead Infrastructure Engineer.

Jim Geddings

Jim is the local phone guru – VOIP phone systems are his specialty! He is also the man who makes sure your backups are safe and secure. Jim is an Infrastructure Technician.

Brian Wiggins

Brian is our iOS and Web Developer. He graduated from Letourneau University with a computer science degree. He has been working at ETV software for 5 years and has loved every minute of it!

Luck is one of my skills.

Eric Negem

Eric, our longest-standing programmer, holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Tyler. He has been working at ETV Software since 2012, and has made very many of our programming clients very happy!

ETV Software has given me the opportunity to do what I love for a living: solve problems by writing code. I’m able to learn about a variety of different industries which always keeps things interesting and I have complete freedom to design software to the best of my ability.

Jason Furr

Jason is one of our brilliant programmers – if he can’t program a way to do it, it probably can’t be done!

Jerry Rhone

Jerry is our Operations Manager and another “doer of all things”. He loves to fish and spend time with his family. We look forward to many years to come working with him for East Texans!

I love ETV because of the challenges that I face each day that allow me to grow my skills. I love to do a good job for my clients and that’s what ETV Software is all about!” -Jerry Rhone

Patrick Robinson

Meet Patrick, Patrick is the Technical Administrator over all the technicians here at ETV Software and ETV Software’s Computer Repair In Tyler. He has been with the company for 3 years and has proven to be a highly dedicated leader.

I love being at ETV because I find every day has a new challenge. The challenges keep things interesting, and I love to grow better each day with my team.” – Patrick Robinson

Chelci Amburgy

Chelci is one of our newest employees. She handles a variety of things from graphic design to greeting clients to marketing. 

Jacky Ouin

Jacky is the founder and president of ETV Software. He has been leading the company in its goal to have “extra tunnel vision” on client needs for over a decade. 

Shmeil Ouin

Shmeil serves as ETV Software’s CFO and Accounts Manager. 

Cody Bruno

Cody is a web and graphics designer at ETV Software.

Nigel Rogers

Whitney Donaldson