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ETV Software is an East Texas company based out of Tyler. ETV was founded in early 2008 through the efforts of Texas native Jacky Ouin. Our principals have been working in Greater East Texas since 1998. Over time, our team has expanded to include a distinct fusion of innovation and tradition that will solve your technological hurdles and differentiate your business.

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“We want to give businesses of all sizes the full capabilities that technology can provide for them.”

-Jacky Ouin (CEO)

“We want to give businesses of all sizes the full capabilities that technology can provide for them.”

-Jacky Ouin (CEO)

We Have A Lot To Offer You

Business Apps

Managed I.T.

Web Design

Computer Repair

Digital Marketing


Who We Are

 ETV Software is a unique company that offers a variety of expert services. Some businesses may need one to a few services at a time while others may choose to take a more holistic approach. Whatever your businesses personal need is, we respect it wholeheartedly and we vow to always treat your business fairly. We understand that unique businesses like yours require a unique set of service requirements. Therefore, our experts can consult with you and create custom timelines that cater to the unique goals of your organization. All of our services work to provide your business with what it needs in the digital age. We can design, develop, and implement all with one team! Our designers don’t stop at online solutions, we can design all your print needs for you as well! 

Locals Do It Best

We specialize in brand management, managed I.T. services, software development, logo design, creative advertising, brochures, business cards, social media marketing, and more. We want to be your partner in document and data management. The documents we handle include most files. We will convert paper into electronic files that you can store, access, organize, and find through a web-enabled search interface. We will provide you with the technological need that your company requires the most, and we will do it better than anyone else in town. While we are ready to work within any sector, ETV Software comes with experience and focus in the Oil & Gas and Healthcare industries.

The personalized IT Management experts of East Texas.