Consolidate Your Assets to Bring More Efficiency

We help you get the most efficiency from you servers. From one server to a full cluster, we help you scale in the most effective way possible.

Our Process

We utilize industry-standard virtualization software including Kubernetes and Open Stack. Virtualization is a process which lets you run multiple self-contained virtual servers on top of one or more physical servers. We can do multi-point snapshots to keep your business technology afloat and secure.

Our Focus

At ETV Software, we specialize in Xen server clusters that will let your company more efficiently use its existing servers, make upgrading server hardware and software easier, and increase the reliability of your business applications. Our focus is mitigating ransomware which is an increasing expense that not many businesses can afford.

More Efficient Server Utilization

Traditionally, a company might have one server dedicated to running their email, another dedicated to running their mission-critical database, and a third hosting their customer-facing website. In the past, it often took the full resources of each server to run each of these important tasks and each server was so specialized that it simply did not have the software or hardware to fill in for the others. Servers have become more powerful and multiple independent boxes each running their own application often means that you have three servers only using a fraction of their total power.

And, even though each server has plenty of processing power to spare, differences in software mean they still often can’t fill in for each other in case of a hardware failure. With Virtualization, it can now be more efficient to have one high-performance server running multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server looks and acts just like their physical counterparts to your business applications and with a proper setup you can shift resources between the virtual servers on the fly. Additionally, by reducing the number of physical servers your company needs to maintain.

Virtualization can save you money by freeing up space and by reducing the amount you need to spend on power and cooling for your server room.

Need To Know More?

Easier Upgrades

With Virtualization, the process of adding more disk space, processing power, or memory to one of your applications becomes much easier. Because your virtual servers are sharing the large pool of resources your high-performance server has to offer, you can grant them access to more resources with a few clicks instead of needing to schedule extended downtime to physically add new hard drives, CPUs, or sticks of RAM.

When the time does come to purchase a new server, migrating all your applications can be handled by simply transferring the self-contained virtual server files to your new box where they will run as if nothing has changed.

This lets you avoid the setup and reinstall process that usually comes with configuring a new server.

Increased Reliability

With a traditional server setup, a significant hardware failure might cause hours of downtime while the server is repaired. Even if you have a second server standing by, it might take just as long to migrate your application to the second box. With Virtualization, transferring your applications to a backup server is much simpler. You can also set up a Virtualization Cluster made of multiple servers working together.

A Virtualization Cluster can let your servers automatically balance your applications across multiple linked servers. A server cluster can also be configured to allow applications to automatically migrate from one server to the other in the event of a problem. This means that the downtime caused by a hardware failure on one of your servers can be reduced from hours to minutes in many cases.

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