Your Internal Network is the Backbone of Your Business.

There are many key aspects of your business and a proper network is one of them. If it is not built and maintained correctly, things can start falling apart. Let ETV Software setup all the necessary cabling and management to help your business succeed.

Network Design

We have designed networks for dozens of businesses in Tyler and East Texas, including the one in our own office. Our experience and know-how will help you get your business connected quicker and will save you money down the road. Good initial planning can make your network more robust and less costly both now and in the future. We can help you build a network that will save time and money as your company grows. A properly designed network has security built in from the start. We can assist your business with everything from firewalls and security updates to making sure that passwords, permissions, and access controls are in place to limit the damage a hacker can accomplish if they do gain a foothold in your network.

Data Cabling

Not only can ETV Software design your business a secure, high-performance network, but we can also do the installation as well. Our skilled technicians are experts at running network cabling. We can also help you install: Network Switches, Wifi Routers, Security Cameras And, of course, we’ll do the proper testing to make sure it all works as intended. Just starting out or changing offices? We have the experience necessary to wire up your new office with the latest high-performance network. We can also help you update your existing space with a faster network and add data ports to new areas of your office as you expand.

Network Design & Maintenance

Your internal network is the backbone of your business. It needs to be: Fast. Reliable. Expandable. Secure. A network that is missing one of these things might as well be missing all four. At ETV Software, we can assist your business with all its networking needs from initial design and setup, to proactive maintenance, to growth down the line.

Network Maintenance

An internal network outage can cause work to grind to a halt and can lead to frustration for your employees and customers. Fortunately, we are well versed in network troubleshooting and can quickly track down issues within existing networks. Our networking team can help you: Find and replace old or damaged network cabling. Test and swap out failed routers, switches, and hubs. Troubleshoot misbehaving computer network cards. Run tests to check your network for problems you might not have even noticed yet.

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