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With all the different aspects of your business needed to be taken care of, why not let someone else take the reins with what you need in regards to infrastructure. Taking on too much can become overwhelming and hard to make sure everything is running smoothly. ETV Software is here to help you.

Server Design & Support

Why run your own server? There are a variety of reasons your company might need one or more in-house servers. You may need to store customer data securely on-site, you might have custom-tailored business applications that you need to run locally. Or, you might be looking to cut down on ongoing cost by owning your own hardware rather than leasing it from someone else.

Custom Designed Servers

We are East Texas’ server experts and have built and installed server setups for a variety of small and large businesses alike. We have built custom servers to help Tyler area businesses with things like email applications, file storage, database hosting, multimedia access, and backup solutions. At ETV Software, we can build you a custom server to support any need your company might have. Let us know your requirements and budget and we can tailor a system that comfortably handles your business tasks without breaking the bank.

Above & Beyond

Beyond building custom-designed servers, we can also help your company spec and outfit a properly designed server room. A well-designed server room has ample power, network connectivity, cooling, physical access controls, and redundant backup systems. With the correct planning, you’ll be able to minimize unexpected downtime and reduce your future costs. Maintaining data security is becoming increasingly important and increasingly difficult. 

Full Network Support

We work with all major server operating systems from Windows Server to the many flavors of Linux and can ensure your server software and business applications are patched against the latest cybersecurity threats. We can help you evaluate updates to your mission-critical applications and advise you when an upgrade is worth performing and when you should hold off to avoid incompatibilities. We are familiar with a wide range of firewalls and intrusion detection systems and can help you set up a layered defense to keep your data out of unwanted hands.

The personalized IT Management experts of East Texas.

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