Our Team Is Our Family

At ETV Software, we pride ourselves on treating each team member as part of the family. We celebrate each birthday with a cake, and make sure to celebrate each other as we share each day on the job together.

Daisy Levoy

Daisy helps ETV Software in a bunch of different ways including billing, check in, customer service, and more! 

Hello! Welcome to ETV Software!” – Daisy Levoy

Anicia Sturgill

Anicia serves a variety of roles at ETV Software, from HR to Billing and beyond. She helps keeps things running and helps keep things fun. 

ETV is the best company I have ever worked with. As a family-owned, non-corporate environment it allows us more time to be involved with training our employees, client satisfaction and community events.” – Anicia Sturgill

Patrick Robinson

Meet Patrick, Patrick is the Technical Administrator over all the technicians here at ETV Software and ETV Software’s Computer Repair In Tyler. He has been with the company for 3 years and has proven to be a highly dedicated leader.

I love being at ETV because I find every day has a new challenge. The challenges keep things interesting, and I love to grow better each day with my team.” – Patrick Robinson

Eric Negem

Eric Negem holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Tyler. He has been working at ETV Software since 2012 and has loved every minute of it!

ETV Software has given me the opportunity to do what I love for a living: solve problems by writing code. I’m able to learn about a variety of different industries which always keeps things interesting and I have complete freedom to design software to the best of my ability.

Jerry Rhone

This is Jerry, aka Bud. Jerry is the “Doer of all things” here at ETV Software. Jerry is a family guy who loves to fish and spend as much time with his loving family as possible. We have been lucky enough to have Jerry here with us for a year now! We look forward to the many years to come working with him for East Texans!

I love ETV because of the challenges that I face each day that allow me to grow my skills. I love to do a good job for my clients and that’s what ETV Software is all about!” -Jerry Rhone

Brian Wiggins

Brian is our IOS and Web Developer. He graduated from Letourneau University with a computer science degree. He has been working at ETV software for 5 years and has loved every minute of it!

Luck is one of my skills.

Tyler Stjernstrom

Meet Tyler! Tyler has been working at ETV Software for about a year now and has been such a joy for all of us to work with. Tyler has served our country in the Navy and likes to spend his time on the weekends sharpening up his rad pool skills

I love ETV because it has allowed me to be constantly learning and improving my skills while doing what I love. This company has truly given me and others the chance to contribute to the Tyler community.” – Tyler Stjernstrom

Eric Adamson

Meet Eric, he is a technician and system specialist here at ETV Software. Eric handles the cabling and computer repair here at ETV Software. 

I enjoy working with my team at ETV because I get to employ a lot of my technology skills. Not only that but I have the chance to interact with a lot of friendly people every day; out on the job, and inside our shop!” – Eric Anderson

Kirk Jones

Meet Kirk, Kirk is one of our newest technicians. Just because he is new doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate all the hard work he has put into the company!

I enjoy my time working at ETV Software because I really love my team. We all work together to make sure we do a great job for our clients. We all share one goal at the end of the day, and that is to help others!” -Kirk Jones

James Bowers

Meet James, James is our newest and one of our most driven computer technicians! In his spare time, you can find him working on restoring his prized truck, building his own computer from scratch or going to the movies with his lovely wife!

ETV and I go well together because I love the feeling of making technology run the way it’s supposed to. I get to make that happen every day for our clients here at ETV Software!” – James Bowers

Brittany Drummond

As one of the first faces to greet you at our door or curb, Brittany handles check ins, customer service, and a variety of other roles for ETV Software.

Welcome to ETV Software!” – Brittany Drummond

Gregory Scarbrough

Greg handles various duties for ETV Software including computer repair and networking support.

This is where my quote goes.” – Gregory Scarbrough