How To Know When To Rebrand Your Business

Your company’s brand is not simply your company’s name and logo. These are both very important aspects of your brand and these should be carefully selected. However, it should be distinguished that your brand is actually the experiences that your clients and prospective clients have with the company as a whole. If you have a good brand it’s easy for customers to see and understand what the company does and how it does it. The main reason why this may need to be changed is that most successful companies change over time and will have to rebrand in order to stay current. Some companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Uber have rebranded recently and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on companies branding habits when you own your own business. We here at ETV Software have compiled some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about rebranding your companies image.

Tip number one is to recognize if your company needs to better differentiate itself from similar businesses in the area. If your name is generic and is similar to other businesses then your brand may suffer from that. If your logo is too simple or generic that can also hurt your companies brand overall. Another tip is that sometimes your old or current branding has become outdated and is cutting you off from appearing more fresh and modern to the world. Don’t let your overused font choice or your flash based website drag you down from business success in 2018. If your company has suffered from a poor reputation that is another reason to rebrand. On a psychological level, if something has put your company in a bad light, viewers, and customers will see a rebranding as your company stepping up its game and improving past performance issues. Something else that comes into play when thinking of rebranding is evaluating just how much your company has evolved over time. Sometimes a company changes so much that its target audience changes or expands. Making sure that these new markets are able to connect with your brand is vital for staying afloat. If you have decided to take the plunge and rebrand your business keep in mind these steps that all companies should take.

  • Understand your mission and values
  • Develop a strategy that works with your current brand
  • Keep your market and competition in mind
  • Collaborate with the entire team
  • Manage the rebrand step-by-step
  • Launch and share with the world your new brand

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks to knowing when and how to rebrand your business. If you need help with this process in any way please call Web Design in Tyler today for an estimate on a logo design, website design, or even business cards. (903) 316-6002